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SRI problems in snow and high altitudes? new pics up

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so i just got a little sri today, nothing fancy, ill post pics later, but i was wondering. is this a bad idea for any long trips to high altitudes? i live in san diego and im going to big bear for a snowboarding vacation with my dad for a week. its supposed to snow alot and im wondering if the altitude, thin air, snow and cold weather is gonna be a bad thing for the sri. i havent had any CEL's since i put it in so i guess thats good. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone.
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I moved from FL to UT (long story) and I've had no problems with my SRI be it in the snow, dust, slush, rain. Well, I take the rain part back---it simply doesn't rain here :(

The whole heat soak thing with short rams is a joke and anyone with a scangauge or dashhawk can attest to that. The only time I'd say it would hurt performance at all is at the drag strip if you've had your hood closed between runs to keep all the heat in, but a CAI would suffer under similar conditions. Any of the SRI's "problems" with heat go away very quickly once the car moves. My intake temps are never more than 5º above ambient (be it 50º or 95º) shortly after moving and then sometimes they're the same temp:

Car felt great that night! haha
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From my experience, I disagree with you on heat soak. Perhaps the 6 performs differently then the 3, I don't know.

Even in Seattle, during hotter summer days, in stop and go traffic, the engine would bog down. This was not experienced before or after the I had the SRI.

I had it bog sometimes with the CAI but never with the SRI.

I did the airbox mod and ran at the dragstrip back in Orlando a half dozen times, put the CAI on and it couldn't even match the gutted airbox after 7 tries. Put the SRI in and went back, immediately gained a quarter second.

No chance for hydrolock unless I drove into a lake pretty much sealed the deal. Strange, huh?
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