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SRI problems in snow and high altitudes? new pics up

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so i just got a little sri today, nothing fancy, ill post pics later, but i was wondering. is this a bad idea for any long trips to high altitudes? i live in san diego and im going to big bear for a snowboarding vacation with my dad for a week. its supposed to snow alot and im wondering if the altitude, thin air, snow and cold weather is gonna be a bad thing for the sri. i havent had any CEL's since i put it in so i guess thats good. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone.
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Re: SRI problems in snow and high altitudes?

so i think ill leave it in then. what's a heat soak? is it cauz the sri is still close to the engine? also i just got a cel im wondering if its because i just put the new intake on the car, when should it go away because it came on about 11 miles after i installed the sri. its about the same setup as this:
but i put a filter on the end of the breather hose. and here are some pics of the setup i have

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to the back of the straight piece of tube, its a bad pic srry guys, but i had it in the back to avoid pulling the wires out of the insulation hose alot.
so with the sri is it normal for the check engine light to stay on though? or is there a way i can just shut it off?
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