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SRI problems in snow and high altitudes? new pics up

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so i just got a little sri today, nothing fancy, ill post pics later, but i was wondering. is this a bad idea for any long trips to high altitudes? i live in san diego and im going to big bear for a snowboarding vacation with my dad for a week. its supposed to snow alot and im wondering if the altitude, thin air, snow and cold weather is gonna be a bad thing for the sri. i havent had any CEL's since i put it in so i guess thats good. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone.
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Re: SRI problems in snow and high altitudes?

Should be fine in the cold, thin air (obvioulsy all cars perform less efficiently in thin air environments but the SRI should have no impact).

The main concern with SRI's is heat soak. So this summer if you hit the desert you may have issues but otherwise be fine.
Hot air contains less oxygen so when you're pulling in a lot of hot air you will experince a decrease in performance. This is heat soak. Some SRI's such as the Simota have a carbon shield to try and keep the hot air away from the intake.
From my experience, I disagree with you on heat soak. Perhaps the 6 performs differently then the 3, I don't know.

Even in Seattle, during hotter summer days, in stop and go traffic, the engine would bog down. This was not experienced before or after the I had the SRI.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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