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So I searched long and hard to try to find out if a 2nd GEN 2.5L SRI would work on a 2.0L, or if it would not be accepted by the MAF, and cause a CEL. But after looking around online I found that really no one had tried (or at least didn't those who had didn't post about it) and that most people just blanket statement said "just buy for your engine".

I live in Canada, and right now the intakes for the 2.0 2nd GEN are oddly pricey (most expensive of the Mazda generations and models) and intakes for the same year 2.5 are much more affordable. I didn't want to order from CorkSport just because the shipping to Canada is high as well (I'm working with a budget if you can't tell) so I decided to throw a hail mary and buy a Injen SRI for a 2.5, throw it in my 2.0 and pray for the best.

Well it worked! Really well in-fact. MAF was direct bolt on and its the same diameter for both engines. No check engine light, and the thing sounds and feels amazing in the car!

So there you have it, the answer to the question: an INJEN SRI for a 2nd Gen 2.5 works on a 2.0.

DISCLAIMER this seems to be the case for me, and specifically for the Injen SRI. I can't say this will work with other brands, as I'm sure some of you haven't had the same success. If anyone has anymore insight on this topic, I'd love to hear from you :)
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