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My brakes squeak all the time in the morning when I first use them, just for the first time breaking like when I'm backing up, or the first stop at the end of the street, then they're fine after that. I had always just thought it was condensation or cold from parking outside overnight as I have no garage.

Well, this week I've been house-sitting for my parents while they're out of town, and parking in their garage. And every morning when I'm backing out my brakes squeak. It's rather embarrassing to be driving a brand new car and to have such squeaking, even if it is only the first time used in the mornings.

I've already put 2,200 miles on my car, and haven't mentioned it to my dealership yet. If I go in there complaining now are they just going to tell me I'm SOL beacause its a wear & tear issue?
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