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I have a 07 Hatch. Last year, I dropped it on H-Techs for a few months but I soon got bored of scraping, bouncing and basicaly having to drive much slower than with the stock springs. I changed my springs + shocks with OEM MS3 ones and changed my rear sway with a MS3 again. I just bought a front MS3 sway and I am waiting for the snow to melt here before installing it. The ride quality is great so far! Stiff and enough ground clearance to cope with the roads here and basicaly, my driveway wich is dang steep!

But since a few weeks, I have a hard time dealing with the major gap in the front wheel wells (The car is higher in the front than stock...). I loved the raked look of my old Tein set-up, the gap was perfect but, to me, the car was un-drivable on my daily commute... So what I am asking is what most of you would get tu reduce the wheel gap in the front. My H-techs were too low, Prokits are too low in the rear to my liking... Racing Beats? Could I just change the front springs with a brand that have a +/- 1.2" drop and the same rate as my MS3 ones? Or I should forget about it and ride my current set-up :p

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