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263whp 280tq run low 13's with less than 500 in power mods

lies... but I get where you're going... it's going to cost a little more than that unless you're a do it yourselfer and are willing to cut a new car up as some of us have done for the sake of others...

the best you're going to get with factory stuff is 13.9 or so at best and that's being a person who's driven the track quite a bit.

I will hit 12's the end of this month with slicks and I have less that 1k in mine but I've done alot of fabricated mods like my turbo inlet (I've had for almost 2 years that's just now becoming popular) and my custom straight 3" dp back exhaust... so in all honesty to hit 12's you're looking at 1500-2000 but still that's not bad at all considering what you could be spending on a vette or a gt 500 mustang to run that same...
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