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Speed governer

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I just found out last night that I apparently have a speed governer on my car. Why give me 140 on my speedometer, when I can only go 120?
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Yeah, you might not be able to drive that fast in the STATES, but I'll be driving my car in Germany for 2 plus years. I'm 10 minutes from the autobahn. I've driven upwards of 130 in a friend's golf and had other cars pass me like I was standing still.
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Yea my 3 and my mom's miata are both governed to 118. At the risk of being yelled at by others on here, has anyone found a cheap way to get past the governor? Not a neccessary mod for me but it would mean more time to spend working on the car which is always fun. I'm actually going to school at an aerospace university in hopes of working on aerodynamics on race cars but I don't know the coeficcient of drag or other needed numbers to figure out how fast our cars could go if ungoverned

According to, a 2007 hatchback has a Cd of .32 =)
You mean, "speed governor?" Why do so few people on this forum use the spelling tool on this forum? I mean, it even underlines it for everyone's convenience... :cry:

Anyway, I know I am off the topic... I wish I could bypass my speed limiter and let her "stretch her legs" a bit... :klavergreg:
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You mean, "speed governor?" Why do so few people on this forum use the spelling tool on this forum? I mean, it even underlines it for everyone's convenience... :cry:
That's Firefox, not the forum.
anyone else notice that as soon as u hit 4th around 90mph that it accelerates really slow, not sure if the governor has anything to do with it or not. i even tried sprayin through it but it didnt really do much so i stopped cause i didnt wanna break it
What do you expect a 4 cylinder to overcome drag?
What do you expect a 4 cylinder to overcome drag? If you wanna spray throw a 100 shot at it, ull over come it
well i would of figured a 75 would have gotten over it
If u have all those mods I dont get it. I just have a cai and 90 is easy. I can hit 100 pretty quick, kinda
Isn't trying to spray through the governor dangerous?
Yes it is.

I have only pushed the car up there once or twice to 100+, but it wasn't hard to hit at all. No quick acceleration drop off or anything like that. The shift from 3rd to 4th around 90mph of course meant slower accel, but it stayed pretty steady up to about 100mph where I let off both times.
i hit the governor rather quick...

there's an onramp going to school onto my freeway, and there's no place for cops to sit, and in almost 2 years i've lived here, i've never seen a cop once, taking radar on that stretch. once.
i have a 07 and the govenor kicks in at 120mph and i'm still in fourth gears it sucks ass i have a whole nother gear to go thru i really need to get rid of it
Ya my gov cuts in about 117-118 or so which my car can hit in 4th gear. Anyone know what the actual top speed of the 3 is? I would remove it but dont think i need to go that fast on the streets.

But ya I dont know why they put on the speed gov's maybe so people won't kill themselves going too fast? I mean the 3 can handle 118 stock no problem but dunno about anything past that.
I think someone said mid 130's if the limiter was removed
thats not bad


my friend said he went 160 in his rsx type-S
but it was mad scary he said

how come my econobox only does so little? oh well.
it kinda slow anyway.

can you imagine how long it would take to reach 130?
I doubt your friend really managed mid 160's. The earlier 5.7L 350hp corvettes had a top speed around 170mph...150hp less doesn't seem like it would manage 5mph or so slower.

I could see 140's on an RSX type-S, maybe 150, but 160's must have been downhill with a tailwind.

Yeah, with no speed limiter a mazda 3i or 3s should be able to hit low to mid 130's.
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nah you would run out of gear around 150mph

What does that have to do with it?

Our cars don't have enough power to hit 150mph without quite a few modifications. Technically at the fuel cut we could hit about 156mph in 5th gear...if we had the power, but we don't. They are drag limited to low to mid 130mph for both 2.0 and 2.3 models (the 2.3 sedan and hatch have a higher drag coefficient then the 2.0 sedan, due to different wheels and in the case of the hatch a different roof line, so the 2.3 sedan is only a bit faster and the hatch might actually have a lower top speed then the 2.0 sedan).
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