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Speed governer

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I just found out last night that I apparently have a speed governer on my car. Why give me 140 on my speedometer, when I can only go 120?
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I've hit 115 but i don't know if it would go any higher, I didn't try. 8)
Yeah definitely fun... but it's also an awesome feeling to fly by other cars (few) going that fast while they're going the speed limit, makes you realize how fast you're REALLY going.
[quote author=drumboy link=topic=71065.msg1456838#msg1456838 date=1180880423]
You mean, "speed governor?" Why do so few people on this forum use the spelling tool on this forum? I mean, it even underlines it for everyone's convenience... :cry:
That's Firefox, not the forum.
Aftermarket turbo....? Didn't know you could get an OEM turbo for the 3 :p
1 - 4 of 87 Posts
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