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Speed governer

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I just found out last night that I apparently have a speed governer on my car. Why give me 140 on my speedometer, when I can only go 120?
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it yells at you "Freakin retard, slow down!"

it just stops accelerating for 1 second then you can accel again.
not really much action at all.
thats not bad


my friend said he went 160 in his rsx type-S
but it was mad scary he said

how come my econobox only does so little? oh well.
it kinda slow anyway.

can you imagine how long it would take to reach 130?
why go so fast
because when your racing your little mazda3, you only get up to like 90mph anyway!
[quote author=small town king link=topic=71065.msg1692549#msg1692549 date=1189036260]
o kspec.
its da truth lol.
1/4 mile for the mazda3 will only get you to like what.. 86mph right?
1 - 5 of 87 Posts
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