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Speed governer

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I just found out last night that I apparently have a speed governer on my car. Why give me 140 on my speedometer, when I can only go 120?
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Re: Speed Resistor??

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Actually, the governer kicks in at 118 mph. That is a little lame, but in all honesty, who needs to go that fast off of a track?

mine kicks in at 114....not that i know from experience or anything.
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does adding an ems like micritech or the haltech for FI have any effect on the governor?

it will eliminate it
i hit the governor rather quick...

there's an onramp going to school onto my freeway, and there's no place for cops to sit, and in almost 2 years i've lived here, i've never seen a cop once, taking radar on that stretch. once.
o kspec.
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