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speed element on sedan

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ok just wanna see if anyone has pics of the speed element exhaust on a sedan, tried searching but couldn't find anything. thinking about buying it cuz the price is real good right now (229.99) so if you can help me out. o yea and i know i have to length the exhaust to fit properly on the sedan, does anyone also know how much i have to lengthen it? thanks
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probably three inches or so, i'm not sure exactly. i'm sure somebody will pipe up with the exhaust length discrepancies between sedans and hatches. keep searching.
what i would do is buy the exhaust, bolt it up and simply not connect the rear section with the final hanger to the straighter section. then measure the length. not that hard, and you'll have an accurate reading.
be advised, though, that i've had some fitment problems with the piping touching the silver heat shielding that lines the exhaust route. not sure how this will translate on the sedan, but something to note nonetheless.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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