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Hi All,
I am having a constant problem with #2 spark plug constantly 'flashing over'. It only happens to #2 spark plug. It may last 200 - 800kms before it will flashover again.

2002 Familia SP20 - FSZE engine (Grey Import for Australia) - Owned the car for about 14 years now.

I have changed 3 sets of coil packs, running some CX-5 ones at the moment from the wreckers. I have checked the EGR, is closed and I have unplugged it. I run it on 91.

Changed the plug - 15 or so times. So the chance I'm not over torquing would have been minimised etc. I have even had the garage do it.

I am running NGK ZFR5F-11 plugs in. I was thinking of going to a '4' temp plug. I'm pretty sure the plug boots are clean as can be.

Can an over voltage in the coil pack cause this? I have changed coil packs over - from cyl 2 to cyl to 4 - but it's still flashing over on cyl 2.

Any advice/help, on what to check next?

Edit - I'm planning to do a good clean of the boot and add some dielectric grease on the insulator.

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