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Sound System Oddly Loud, aftermarket install

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My Bose System is extremely loud for some reason. I just installed an after market HU (Alpine) and the sound levels seem really off. I have an AMP running from the deck to a Sub box (JL 8's) My Alpine has a seperate bass level which is currently maxed and the sub is not even driving the way it should. I'm experiencing what others have been talking about with the bass on the sub being to low and not driving and found that information very helpful. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced an extreme sound difference such as this.
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I have not messed with this stuff in a long time, but if your head unit has a bass level like you say, turn that down and adjust your sound with the knob on the amp driving the Sub first, sometimes you have to get that right then barely turn up the bass on your head unit so it sounds deep and clear, a good balance of bass and crisp sound will sound better.

Did you check to see the wires to the subs were not hooked up to negative polarity, are the subs pushing out when they hit ???

Also what ohm are the amps rated, how did you hook them up ?
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