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Hello to all.
Ive been on these forums for a while now. I was a proud owner of a
2006 Mazda3 5DR
Black Mica
Sun roof, 6 CD Changer
54k miles

I recently traded it in for a 2009 Mazda3 Grand Touring in Galexy Grey Mica
80 miles
Bose/Moon roof package
Remote Start

I love this car, anf after an extensive search, I finally picked one up in Delray, FL (I'm from Miami)

I know I know, why not just get into a 2010...
Well honestly, When I first saw the press release, I loved it...
Then I saw them in person, and while it is an attractive car, there are a few things that really disappointed me and turn me off about it.
One is the front bumper...
I like the lines and the way the design flows, but I HATE the fog light area....
it sticks out and is not flush with the rest of the bumper....
This is one of the main reasons why I did not like the 2010 models once I saw them in person.

I love the 1st gen design and decided if I was going to by a 2009, then I might as well go all out.

Pics are of 2009 Mazda3 GT


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Congratulations! I personally prefer the 1st generation as well... so don't feel bad. I had a 2007 GT sedan that I recently traded in for a 2008.5 Speed3. :)

Please add your location to your profile -- it'll make it easier to answer any location-specific questions and will allow you to get involved with the local Mazda scene near you. ^_^
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