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Someone explain this to me please...

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I see several of these listings on ebay for wheels and tires. Here are 18" wheels with Falken tires for $700.

My question is, how and why is this price this low? If I go to a local tire shop I'll pay about that for just the tires. What is the deal here?
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its ebay, so the price is gonna be low. my only concern is that the wheels aren't really enkei. might just be look alikes. also they are just 17" and you can find a lot of 17" wheel and tire combos for that much if you search the web a little. just my 2 cents
I have actually seen those rims for about that price plus shipping on a website...I think they were trying to get rid of the rims thats why they were so cheap. I think it was on but the sale ended for them =S
looks legit to me

18" enkeis
with 225 falkens on it
38 offset on a 7.5 wheel will be a problem if you drop.

Nice deal otherwise. :)
those are good tires IMO. Ive had a few sets.
It's being sold by edgracing and I can vouch for them, I bought some flik rims from them for my other car. They are probably are selling on ebay just to get more places to show their advertised closeouts. If you look at their website you see the same ebay deal on their front page.

Darn you, now :x now I kinda want to get this wheel package!!!
yeah , its edgeracing so its legit .. but do be careful cause i was looking at other rims and most of them are knock offs but you'll see it in the description ... and the store name .. always Google those and you'll usually find something that'll verify its legitimacy .. read all the descriptions carefully first thing
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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