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Someone eating rice krispies in my car.

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All I hear is snap crackle pop in my daily drive. Man I hope this goes away soon, I don't feel like going back to the dealer for every single sound.
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ROFL... Sorry, it's not funny at all, really. I've just never thought of it with enough humor to see it as rice krispies... I too had hoped things would get better, but after 3000 miles they definantly have not. Creeking windshield, buzzing sunroof panels, rattling rear seats. Guess I'm a sucker to not have realized that all the roads in proximity to the dealership were recently repaved and billiard smooth. But on the roads I drive every day, it feels at times as though my entire car is going to collapse in a sulking heap... My regards. I've not taken mine in yet for the noises either. I guess the best hope is to find a service department which will address the problems rather than wasting one's time.
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