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Here is an interesting little blurb I found on an Europena site talking about the Mazda 3, enjoy:

Focus on suspension
Both front and rear suspension are broadly as Ford uses on the C-Max and will use on the next Focus. It's a strengthened development of the past, much-praised Focus system, but Mazda has incorporated some changes of its own. Engineer and testing manager Takiro Shibata explains that the U-section suspension subframes have had extra plates welded across them to make stronger tubular structures, and that the front inner bush of the rear suspension's lower arms are stiffer for sportier responses. At the front the points at which the anti-roll bar is clamped to the front subframe are 92mm further apart, which gives a sharper steering response, and the rubber top mounts for the struts are harder for the same reason. That's bad for road and suspension noise, of course, but it's a compromise Mazda is prepared to make.
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