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Some info for Austrlia

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Hi guys.. I got a call from my local Mazda dealer yesterday, thought this was a better place to post than the forum at Edmunds.

Anyway, as somebody else on this forum said, it arrives Jan 15 (think it was Jan15.. i might be a day or two off - going from memory).

And this as far as I could understand from our conversation, is on offer
Dealer said 4 types..
Base Spec (Neo) (we already know it starts at $22500)
  • We don’t get the normal baseline interior(BP3 and 4), we go straight to the grey+blue\red (BP5 and 6), and lines up pretty well with what the i version in the US has + aircon
    [/list:u]Mid Spec (Maxx) ($26000 for hatch)
    • Adds power pack (minus cruise which apparently costs about $500?), as well as the ‘safety package’, however the salesman was ambiguous to whether this was the safety pack as in the US… I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not. I don’t think it included the extra airbags, but did include ABS and ECS. I could be wrong (you can still get the airbags added on). Rather surprisingly, we also get the six stack in-dash cd player.
      [/list:u]Mid Spec Sport (Maxx plus sports appearance package) (+$700)
      • I am assuming that it is the sports appearance pack to which the sales guy was referring to. He mentioned that it included 16” alloys, spoilers as well as a black grey interior(BP9?!)![/list:u]High Spec (SP23). ($30700 or $31700)
        • Fun fun.. 17” alloys, electro climate control, full safety pack, the other black+red\blue interior(BP7 and 8) and everything that the maxx has + the 2.3L engine (obviously), and electroluminescent gauges .. If your really desperate to know what it has, its pretty much inline with what the SP20 offers (hence the inclusion of automatic climate control)[/list:u]A final note. Bad news if you were thinking of getting the moon roof and tyre pressure monitoring.. You cant.

          So all in all, it is a mixed bag. If you were looking at getting a maxx, like myself, you’re probably surprised of the inclusion of the six stack and the second interior for the sport!

          Because of my focus on the maxx, my over excitement when the dealer called, as well as the briefness of his information (he said he had a 2 page document with bullet points) Im unsure of other details like what the sports pack includes e.g. (fog lamps? The extra tweeters? Electroluminescent gauges (hey, you can always hope!) and other minor things such as do we get the red or black back lights, do we get delayed courtesy lights, does the maxx included the leather steering wheel and shifter.

          Hope this is helpful for some of you, and I hope someone can actually confirm what ive said here too.. Im usually posting questions, not posting information!
          Dave :D
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Doh. Meant EBD not ECS. Sorry
Thanks for the info.....

I am surprised we will be getting the electroluminescent gauges....
He didnt state it fully (not 100% sure), but he assumed that the SP23 would have it.

I may be wrong, but i guess we'll see come the new year (i think he said there would be a big push at the start on next year, so that should also bring more info!)
For the SP23, will we have sat nav and leather seat as option ? How bout the xenon ? The head lamp is projector style, if theres no xenon option we still could buy the after market xenon :cry:

What do u know bout the optional like tyre gauge and sunroof ? Are they available as optional or absolutely not in oz specs ?

Lemme know

From what I know, neither Sat Nav nor Xenon are available. Leather and sunroof are not std and are not available as factory options, though probably dealer fit options.

Cruise control not std on any of the models, available as option. Pricing is pretty as stated before by CBT, but in summary:

(indicative prices, 5 spd manual)
Neo $22,500
Maxx $ 26,000
Maxx Sport $ 26,700
SP23 $30,700

Power pack $700 (option on Neo, STD for others)
- power windows and mirrors
Safety pack $1500 (option on Neo, STD for others)
- side and curtain airbags, ABS with EBD
So a Neo with P&S packs is $24,700

A site that is usually pretty up to date with auto news is

According to them, and I quote:
"The Mazda3 small car will soon be on sale in Australia. Watch out for our first local drive and all the price and spec details right here on Wednesday, January 14".

So I guess that pretty much confirms the local launch date. Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand to wipe away the drool :D
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Hmm.. I always get the launch date mixed up between the wednesday and the thursday!!

I thought it was the 15th at first, but now im just totally confused! And to add to it, the dealer told me to come the day before ;)

And im still hoping the the dealer will give me a call inviting me down to the holding yard :)

Ok, that excitement is coming back!

Btw. i havent heard anything about the sat and the xenons' (actually, i think i read ages ago when the news about the 3 was coming out, that AU doesnt get sat)
Yep, remember reading about that too (ie no sat nav). At least you get an extra storage space.
Lol... Now go check goauto again for what it says about the date (well you dont have to cause im gonna put it below anyway.. i think its funny)

"The Mazda3 small car will soon be on sale in Australia. Watch out for our first local drive and all the price and spec details right here on Thursday, January 15"

... Just when they got me excited!

(I thought i was too good to be true, and i was right to be confused!)
Well, I just called up my local mazda.. And well, they havent told them (the dealers) anything!!!!!!!!! That’s like so not nice!!!

But what I do know, is that between the Wednesday (14th) and the Friday (16th), they will be getting 70 MZ3's in!

Also, some time that week they will be having a local mazda 3 launch\info night, which, hopefully.. somehow, I can get to (Im away most of next week :cry:

Its sooooo close now! :D
Yes, information leading up to the launch has been scarced indeed! I signed up/registered on the M3 website in Nov, and the only news I was ever sent in these 2 or so months was on Dec 19 when Mazda announced the colours/trim schemes available. Mazda did not even send a brouchure or anything... at least we're certain that the launch is definitely this week, so the wait is almost over.

What I really REALLY what to know is if the model I'm interested in (read can afford), the Maxx, has the clear taillights and electroluminescent gauges. Those would be top of my wish list.
We're in the same boat (pretty sure ive said it before). I really want that stuff too! (im just a bit worried how far $700 will stretch though).

I think clear tail lights have a good chance :) at least in the sport. Call up your dealer and ask them if they can tell you what the maxx sport will have. (post it here btw;))

Work out whether you think its worth $700 and it should give you some indication. Im also wondering if its worth taking a look at how the can. mz3 is arranged, i believe that the clear lens' come on certian canadian models, but not others (the GX?).

(might be worth looking at how the GX could = the AU maxx version? just a thought)

When reflecting on how the 3 is arranged here in australia, its a bit annoying in a way because there are no options (really) for the SP23, it comes with all the extra trimmings, which in other places arent standard, such as side sills, scratch plates, air bags, ect. and that could equate to $2000-3000, enough to let people who dont have that much to spend,

So get the sports version (eg. when making a US S version to = a SP23) it would cost over US$1700 (US$18k car.. which still ... umm = AU$23k) Now, im thinking, what a rip job!! Full loaded MZ3 in the US is about the same price we pay for a baseline.

Now the really sucky part is when you look at the canadian dollar and canadian pricing.. the can. dollar is worth AU1.01!!!

If you were to buy the sports GT in canada, with air, it would cost 22,600 (where as its 22,385 in canada) !! However, they dont get the safety option over there, so you might like to add another $1000 or so to the price (and again, you're looking at a 23k car)

Anyway, enough rant... and i may have not counted something in t here.. like tax or something.. dunno
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Yes, comebacktomorrow. We're both after the Maxx but I get a feeling we won't have to try and cram those desirable features into $700, because they just might be standard for Maxx.

Some encouraging news is that in Canada, the normal Mazda6 has red taillights - only their Sports hatch has clear lights. Yet in Australia, it's clear taillights for all variants. Also, with the Mazda2 facelift coming this month, I've read that this little brother will get the 'same taillight treatment as the M6 and M3'. What does that mean? Open for interpretation but I think that suggests clear taillights for all M3 (and M2). Of course, I may be proved wrong in a few days time.

My dealer only tells me what Mazda tells him: Maxx Sport will get an enhanced interior and exterior!! And what is that? Errr.... and into speculation territory we go. Interior we know (ie the trim), exterior, well, he tossed up items like fog lamps, front lip spoiler, side skirts and rear boot lip spoiler. MAYBE.

Re the grip about prices in Canada and US, I've given up trying to compare them with Oz. The market is so much bigger with so much more competition that prices are lower. *sigh*
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Yeah. Our tiny size is the thing i put it down to.. also our dollars recent strength + US slump (although with mazda being in japan (not sure if thats where their based though), im not sure a US slump should effect us).

And the clear tail lights :D My dealer said ages ago that all MZ3 models should have clear tail lights (although the website tends to disagree).

Lol. We tend to go around in circles hey! But yeah, your dealer should be able to show you a (confidential) basic list of stuff the mazda 3 models come with. From memory there were 4 major items that were listed on the sheet for the exterior of the sport, all that i can remember was that rear spoiler = yes, and front and rear areos = no.

I'll call up mazda again tomorrow, and have a chat, and ask if he can remind me :wink:

But yeah, the interior is the real question mark, like what does "sport interior" mean, how so more than the maxx over the neo, and the the maxx sport over the maxx!

We've already talked about how the maxx betters the neo, but what else is there that the maxx sport could do over the maxx?

Recapping the maxx, id at least assume that we'd get leather gear shift and steering wheel, as well as silver trim (speakers, handles and stuff like that) .. so what else could the maxx sport possibly add .. well, possibly the carbon fibre appearance dash strip? ummmm... ummmmm... ummmmm.. electroluminescent gauges :D (remind me if im missing something, its late!)

Anyhow, just made an interesting observation on the mazda3 AU website, neo = LX, maxx = GX, SP23 = SP23, and the maxx sport = i dont have a clue (well i do, GT?). What was the point of putting the maxx sport on the colour selection anyway? Nothing changes for it!

Bout time i went to bed.
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Ok. Just quickly called up my dealer.. Maxx Sport gets 16" alloys, spoiler and side skirts. Still got no idea about the interior.

If you want to add the fancy grill, i believe it will cost $300, and front air dam will be .. im guessing $370 wouldnt be too far off the mark.. hopefully, but im just guessin for the front areo
Ok folks, the wait is almost over. GoAuto's e-news says that "Mazda will announce the pricing of its new 323-replacing 3 model on Thursday morning to its dealer body".

The short article also mentioned the lineup (ie Neo-SP23), and here's what it says about the Maxx Sport: "... is the one you haven't heard of before and fundamentally it's a Maxx with a bodykit and larger alloys, designed to appeal to a younger audience". Expected sales per month is 1,700 zoom zooms.

I'd imagine that all spec details will also be released at the same time. But as to when the cars will hit the showrooms, fingers crossed that it'll be by this weekend.
Greeting everyone Melbourne.

I have been reading alot of information on the MZ3 as well as from this forum. You guys are making me falling in love with this car. I can't wait for the cars to be in the showroom. Hopefully within this week or two.
Hello Overtime. Please enter your location.

Sorry to say, but I'm pretty sure factory leather will not be an option. However I'd expect your dealer may be able to help you out in that department as a dealer fit option.
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