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Hello. I did not search but I just wanted to post some information for you guys. So I apologize if this is a repost. Some of this info I do not know if it will apply to you guys but it never hurts.

Some might know that Cosworth is working on a head package for the Focus 2.3l. They displayed an example at Sema and plan to take orders around April 04 or after. I do not know if this will apply due to the S-VT and other changes Mazda has made. Again I am not technical on cars but I hope you guys can share in on this. Cosworth plans to get an estimated 100hp out of the head package. Check this link for some guys from Focaljet discussing this. One of the members emailed Cosworth about the package: Here

Also biker16 from Focaljet posted the Focus 2.3l Workshop Manual. It will not be the exact same for you guys but it might help:

Also here is just some specific Mazda info, not that you don't already have it:
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