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Re: FS: iPod Audiolink

[quote author=Macleod52 link=topic=141878.msg3060537#msg3060537 date=1239794222]
[quote author=strife link=topic=141878.msg3060392#msg3060392 date=1239773375]
[quote author=Macleod52 link=topic=141878.msg3057536#msg3057536 date=1239679851]
[quote author=strife link=topic=141878.msg3057448#msg3057448 date=1239678222]
willing to ship up to canada?

It may be possible, but you already have an audiolink usb... why not order the connector for the ipod?

they are completely different units. just switching the connector doesn't do the trick

my postal code is T6R in edmonton, alberta. gimme a final price with shipping.

I will try getting a shipping price tonight.

If this falls through I call dibs!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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