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Some of you may know him, some of you may not, but my good buddy Jared is coming back after spending the last few months over on the east coast doing some work experience thing or some crap like that. LoL Anyways, we are going to throw him a welcome back party.... at his own house. hahaha We are gonna run up Paloma Mtn (not "run" as in on foot) and then go to his house in the Temecula areawhere his pops will BBQ for us while we drink and swim (probably shouldnt do those two at the same time, though.....)

WHAT: Palomar Mtn drive
WHEN: May 1st @ 10AM
WHERE: Nessy Burger - where he 76 and 15 FWYs cross
WHY: Because hes cool and, hey, WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!

Any questions?

1. USMCEvan
2. Jared
3. (your name here)
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