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Smoked the turbo going for a new one have ???'s

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My turbo is leaking (i guess from the seals). I want to replace it with a rebuilt one (since mazda voided my warranty).
My question is my car started to smoke after I installed a turboxs dp and race pipe... so if I get the new turbo, should I try again with the two pipes or go back to stock, or the stock dp and the turboxs race pipe or the turbo xs down pipe and the stock catted pipe?


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should've returned everything to stock before going to a dealer.. they wouldn't void ur warranty
how long have you had the downpipe on for?
Down pipe has been in car for about 500 miles

So, can I havew the down pipe and race pipe without smoke?

try out 5w-40 oil and add cobb or cp-e turbo inlet
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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