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first off, ive got a "1981-1988 GM computer command control carburetors" GM product service traing book for sale.

This book was used to outline and breakdown into minute detail the function and operation of the quadrajet carb to techs when they first came out. Id like $50. Z65_Paul bought one from me, and he can attest its a great addition to anyones library. Book is near mint. I have two available.

In addition to that:

$250. 750 cfm holley double pumper carb. ready to run. I dont remember the jet sizes on it.

$75. Edlebrock aluminum water pump (tall)

$50. Vic Jr intake

$300 3500 stall tc for 200-r4 trans

$300 200r4 trans. I am not sure if this is out of a monte carlo, I bought it from a member on and i may have been misinformed to its origin, but it shifted great in the car.

$75 200r4 core out of my monte. slips, soft shifts etc.

$500 Dart iron eagle heads. Bought them from a fellow member also.

$125 625 cfm carter carb. I was told it ran perfect.

$350 350 short block. has new sealed pro pistons, rings and main, rod, and cam bearings. Melling hv oil pump, It has an extremely lopey cam in it that is included because i dont feel like taking it out lol. Im not sure of the specs, but im sure I can find it. Also has a black crinkle timing chain cover and a new timing gearset and harmonic dampner.

$25. swapmeet long tube headers. I believe theyre 1 5/8 diameter.

Im located in Edison, But i grew up in Hudson/Bergen County, so I can deliver in those areas. shoot me a pm or an email if interested. Prices dont include shupping, but I am negotiable. Thanks guys.
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Not open for further replies.