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Which wheel would you choose?

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Re: SKY Redline or BMW 135i

1. 135i > Sky Redline

on the other hand

2. Cars designed to be convertibles from stage 1 of development > cars with the roof cut off

and of course

3. MZ3 > Neon

Since you are adamant about getting a convertible I will spare you my lengthy opinion in its entirety about why id never get a 135i as a convertible, I am just wondering if you have done the math and can you afford to keep the MZ3 if you got the 135i in a hard top, that would be the best combination.

But again since you probably made up your mind on getting a convertible I say just get the Sky Redline and keep the MZ3, atleast you got two nice cars instead of one POS and another car that is something it was never meant to be.
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