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sirius1722 said:
Just got it today and it was well worth the wait!

I put pics in the subject line, but I won't be able to put pics up until it gets sunny and stops raining :p

Future upgrades include:
- Stubby antenna
- Tint job
- a stereo overhaul (summer)
- 18" rims (also summer)
along with some others I'm still tossing around ideas for!
Hey there!

Congratulations!! Great looking pictures!!! I bought mine last week but I have to wait a month for it. I ordered pretty much the same car as you! Looking at your car makes me want mine even more! I'm getting a 20% tint in the rears on my car (illegal to tint the front in my location) and I have already ordered a 3.5" Stubby Antenna from Ebay. Good choice getting the Leather too! :D
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