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I'm think adding Sat radio to my 3 (whenever it comes in...) is a must (San Francisco radio really blows). So, being a complete newbie at all this, I'm looking at the following:

- FM Modulator of somesort (hardwired)
- A Sirius "Plug & Play" tuner + car kit
- (iPod)

I know the FM modulator situation pretty much sucks, but it seems like the cheapest and least dangerous of the options that are out there right now ($170 for a tape deck for just an audio feed just seems a bit much to me) until those guys potentially get that special module together. I'm not an audiophile by any means, so I think the FM thing will be fine (to give you an idea -- I'm upgrading from an old Civic with 2 working speakers and an iTrip ... so anything would be better!)

Does anyone have any recommendations for an FM modulator, and/or a Sirius tuner? I'm not sure if I want to have one of those ugly tuner-mount thingies on the dash anywhere, maybe I can just stick the tuner down in that ash tray thing? Any good ideas?

Here's another question -- with the Sirius antenna, it looks like a lot of people wire it clear back behind the rear seats -- how do you do that exactly? Do you just sort of pull up the carpet around the doors or something and stick the wire under there?

thanks !
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Alpine makes a unit that is an XM tuner that connects via hardwire FM modulator AND has an Aux in (for an iPod or whatever) - check it out at Crutchfield.
I'm Sirius

I have sirius right now using an FM modulator. It's a Kenwood KCA-R70FM. There are two Kenwood Sirius recievers, so be careful that you get the right one. With this, however, you are going to need to get a Sirius tuner, the FM modulator only controls and displays the Sirius tuner (KTC-SR902.) Then, you need an antenna. I bought everything through BestBuy and the Terk antenna came with the tuner for free. Overall, it was $30 for the FM modulator, $50 for the antenna (again, free tuner) so the total was only $80!!!!! On, you are going to be spending $80 for the KCA-R70FM but the antenna is still $50 and you get a free tuner. It's still a good deal. After installed, all you see is a little controller that is about 2"x5", its tiny. Everything else goes either under a seat or in that cave that we can call the glove box (damn that thing is big.) You are going to have to get to the back of the stock stereo head unit so that you can unplug the stock antenna and run the FM Modulator's antenna wires. Its not bad at all. If you buy one, I can post the few steps that it takes to get to it. Its like a 5 minute job. I think this is the cleanest way to go. All the other FM modulator are freaking huge (for Sirius atleast and XM just sucks, my parents have XM.) I have it so the FM modulator acutally fits in the the ash tray compartment just fore of the shifter. It looks very clean. Hope I helped!
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Does this setup allow for an additional audio input for my ipod? It looks like the Sirius tuner has some kind of an input, but it's unclear whether it's something special or just RCA in that you can somehow pass through.

No Aux Input

Sorry, niether of the two "black boxes" have any type of auxiliary input. The RCA connections that you might be seeing are an output from the Sirius tuner. I acutally have a solution for you though. It would be a lot of wires and kinda ghetto but if you bought another universal FM Modulator that has RCA inputs (Farenheit has one on then both systems would work together. From the antenna on the roof, the singal would go through one FM modulator, then another, then to the back of the stock radio. It will work, but you are gonna have now 3 "black boxes" and a pocket $170 lighter. Hope it helps.
the alpine solution is much cleaner.
alpine is XM only

The alpine unit is nice too, but you have to get XM with it. XM is terrible compared to Sirius in my opinion. Thanks!
I had Sirius and returned it for XM -- XM is much better (IMO).
why do you think Sirius is superior? XM has gotten rid of all ads for its own stations - but they don't control ads for some of their other "broadcast" stations that other companies (such as ESPN, CNN, VH1, KISS LA, etc) broadcast over their network.

The content is pretty much the same now... and their tuners and options are about the same. I wouldn't say one is vastly superior to the other... it's more a matter of preference of hardware manufacturers.

If I had lots of Kenwood components, I'd probably stick with Sirius... if it's Pioneer or Sony... then it'd be XM.
Sirius is alright... but Ive grown to love XM much more.

Nothing beats Squizz and The System...
Ok, I'm sold, I want Sirius now. C'mon Mazda, get on this. Also, it's an add-on, not a replacement that requires me to give up the option of a tape-deck/iPod input.

you can check out what I did to my antenna, looks best in the spot i put it on instead of the trunk, the only other option i could think of was to get a really sticky material and stick it on the back windsheild instead of the trunk or by the stubby

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