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Should I switch?

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I know, I know, these threads are cliche, but its winter and I'm bored. So, should I switch?

From this:

To this:
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What size are the ones on the car now? The new ones would look much better. what size would you get 18's?
the ones on your car now are 17's? ick, they look like 16's inthe pic. Definately get the new ones.
Hey Bitch! YOu better give my mom back her money.
^^ yeah, I didn't want to say it, but since he said it, I will agree.
Haha, I considered posting that after everyone of your posts, but decided that would be lame. haha
Everytime I see this thread come up in my recent posts I get irritated like you keep asking the same question. Lol I'm retarded. When you finally get the rims change the title to I switched.
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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