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Should I switch?

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I know, I know, these threads are cliche, but its winter and I'm bored. So, should I switch?

From this:

To this:
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[quote author=krstofer link=topic=70147.msg1223556#msg1223556 date=1172151127]
the ones on your car now are 17's? ick, they look like 16's inthe pic. Definately get the new ones.
I second that. The rims you have now are nice but they look sooo small. Bronze on black looks awesome. Get the new ones
[quote author=krstofer link=topic=70147.msg1223605#msg1223605 date=1172153785]
Hey Bitch! YOu better give my mom back her money.
ROFL I don't think I've laughed so hard in a while. It wasn't even that funny I just never expected for any1 to say something I guess.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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