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Shifting problem HELP!!!!!!

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I have a 2006 Mazda 3s. It has 45k miles on it. The problem I'm running into is with shifting gears. I bought the car in August of '07, with 12k miles on it. After about a month of driving I was realizing that it wasn't shifting into 3rd would actually grind a little when I shifted, but only in 3rd. I took it to the Mazda dealers and they noticed that the 3rd gear "teeth" were worn down. No other gear was worn down, just 3rd. Since I'd only had the car 3 months, they assumed that I wasn't the culprit for the messed up 3rd gear sprocket. PLus with 12k miles on it, it shouldn't have worn down that quickly. I just assumed the person that owned the car before me drove a bit more aggresively and maybe he/she ground 3rd gear too much. Well about 3-4 months ago I noticed that it was starting to, again, shift into 3rd gear about harder than usual. The odd thing is is that the car would shift perfectly in the first 10-15 minutes of driving it, but after it got warmed up, then would it start "catching/grinding" in 3rd. I took it again to a Mazda dealer, and they did agree that 3rd gear wasn't shifting properly, but that it wasn't a big enough deal to fix. I only have 5k miles left on my warranty. I guess my questions are:

1. is it just my clutch?
2. is there a defect in my transmission?
3. does Mazda not just want to fix it?
4. if it's the clutch, is that even under my warranty?
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I just had a long ordeal with my 3rd gear being broken. I had a few problems before the warranty expired... didn't do anything about it at the time, then was in big trouble when 3rd gear stopped working all together.

If your clutch is fully dis-engaged (foot down on the pedal), it should be all up to the synchromesh to synch up the speeds of the two shafts.

I would recommend calling Mazda Customer Service and relaying your concerns that this problem should be addressed. 800-222-5500
Damn! I have the same problem and have only 18,000 miles! Only 3rd gives me trouble. :(
Had the same problem. When I would shift into third gear, it would just pop out again, but every other gear worked fine.This was also about a year after I first bought it and and not beat it much. Had Mazda look at it, and they replaced third gear, and after labor it came to near 4k. Warranty covered that though, even though they said if I had any other transmission problems, they would not cover it. Hell, they should have just put a new tranny in for that price, but if your car is having problems like this, they cant just say "its not that big of a deal"
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