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Security Feature Problem

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Tell me if you've run ito this:

When pushing the power lock button, all four locks engage, then unlock again instantly.

Also, the keyfob discontinues to function and the security light is blinking, accompanied by a beep, while the car is off.

I fixed it once playing around with the instructions to register a keyfob, but it came back.

If you know, please tell me how is it enabled (so I don't do it by accident again), and how can I turn it off?

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the same thing append when you left your keys in the contact and you try to lock your doors ... maybe it have something to do with this
Yeah, same thing happens whether or not the keys are in. If the door is closed, it locks properly, but if it's open, it locks and unlocks.
Locks lock then unlock instantly when the car is running so you don't lock 'em in there.
the problem is with your ignition switch.. there was a service bulletin released on this very issue.. your car is thinking that the key is still in the ignition even when it's not.. so when you go to lock the doors by the switch it just unlocks them because it thinks you have the keys in the ignition.. your remotes don't work as well either.. also when you open the door you hear a beeping noise reminding you that your keys are in the ignition when they're really not.. this happened to me once but has never occurred again so i didn't take my car in... But it's an easy fix for the service department.. Takes less than an hour.. But it is covered by your warranty..
Absolutely perfect response, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Thanks, I'll get it fixed at my dealer.
no problem.. happy i could help you out..
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