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Seat covers

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Are you guys using any front seat covers? On my old car with velure seats I used to have a 'wifebeater' kind of seat cover. When you spill something on it or it gets dirty (grease, sweat stains etc) you just take it out and wash and the original seat upholstery is always protected. I need to put something on the seats of my new Mz3 - they are black and can get dirty pretty quick.
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Theres a groupbuy going on right now for seat covers here:

I've also heard great reviews of the Wet Okole seat covers. They're pricey, but they can be found here:

Whatever you get, post up pics when you get them. Oh, and before you get flamed, the shorthand is Mz3 or MS3 (MS3 being the speed3).
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