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Scratched brake rotors?

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Hey all,

I have a pretty new '06 Mazda 3S (from March 06).

Just recently I noticed that my rear brake rotors looked all cut up. I didn't notice any change in braking (meaning the response seemed the same), but it looks horrible. I dont drive much, only have 5K miles, on the car. Is this normal?

It seems I have the same symptoms as listed here:

However, that covers older Mazda 3's. When I go do the dealer, should I show him this service bulletin, or should I just show him the rotors? I dont want to pay anything, since its a new car, but I dont want these scratched up rotors.

And also, they rust like there's no tomorrow. There can be a light drizzle, and my rotors are solid orange the next day. Of course, after I drive its all gone, but you can still see the rust on the tops of the rotors, and inside edges of my rims.

Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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does the scratch go all the way around?
like a groove
Yeah, I guess I should have been clearer.

Its like the grooves drawn in that bulletin. Its not like someone took a rock and scratched it. There are perfectly circular grooves, that I can clearly feel with my finger. Some grooves deeper than others.

Is this even covered by warranty? I thought I read somewhere that brake pads and rotors are "regular maintenance" items.

Thanks for the help.
Yeah bring it in, print out the TSB or tell them you heard there was a TSB for grooved rotors

THey should replace them no problem
Thanks for the help.

Should I print out the TSB and show them even if the dates and VINs on the TSB do not include my vehicle? You think they'll give me a hard time because of that?

Again, thanks.
Just bring it in w/o the TSB
Be nice in approach and concerned
Well, I know this topic has been discussed heavily on these forums thus far.

I'm having a hard time finding pics of grooved rotors, so I can compare them to mine. All the pics on do not show up for me (prob cuz the thread is 2 years old).

I went to the dealer and he said that its normal. I asked how come the fronts are smooth, and he said the rears are made of a different composite.

Sounds like he's full of crap.

Should I go to a different dealer?

Also, let me ask you this. Can these grooves (which you can clearly see, and feel with your finger) cause any braking problem, like responsiveness, etc... or are they just cosmetic issues?

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I would take it to another dealer. In terms of braking it won't effect it, however groved rotors can increase the chance of warping them and will deffinitely increase rotor and pad wear in general. One thing to think of first is how old is your car. If it is outside of a 1yr/12,000 miles they might not replace the rotors then since that is generally how long wear items are warrantied on a car.
Its going to be 1 year this March, so I dont have much time left.

And if this can increase the chance of rotor/pad wear, then that can/will lead to crappy braking, no?

I think I will go see what another dealer says, since these guys brushed it off. I mean, you can clearly feel and see these grooves, which from what I'm reading/read should not be there, and definitely not feel like a cut to the touch.

I'll keep you updated and thanks!
another thing to consider is how the premature grooving will affect the rotors when it's time for a brake job. The grinding required to smooth out the surface may cause the rotor thickness to be below specs, essentially turning them to garbage, and you'll be replacing them on your own dime at that point. Hurry and do it now.
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