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scared of M/T's at 24 n/j

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hey ppl,

this is my first post and i do not have a M3 yet but will be looking for somthing soon. I am 24 and only heard of the M3 on comercials till i saw it and fell in love this past weekend scrolling around different dealerships.
well one year ago, i bought a brand new 03 si and totaled it with 700 miles on it. i was stopped on a hill waiting for traffic to clear, there was a truck coming at the end of the pack (compared to a flat bed tow-truck) with his signal on, i was thinking he was turning where i was pulling out, so i pulled up and stalled it in the intersection and the truck didnt turn either
.................bammmmmmmmm. he hit me at my drivers door at 50mph, my car flew across the medium (4 lane highway) and rested on the other side of the highway. the truck went on its side.
i was knocked to the passenger side, the drivers door was crushed all the way on the drivers seat (only 3 inches was showing next to the center council(sp). if i had my seatbelt on, i would have been killed.

I only had fractred ribs and a partial collapse lung as the extent of my injuries. i was also knocked out and came to when an emt was putting a neckbrace on me.
all this said, I do not want a a/t for performance reasons but am scared of getting a m/t. i am currently driving a 03 ZX2 auto which i hate in everyway but got it b/c there was a $4000 rebate on it, lowered it to $11k financed.
anyways.........what would you guys do. :?:
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TellyDSP said:
go auto. There really isn't a big loss. The manual option will be a happy medium for you. )
Couldn't agree more. There were no automatics when I started to drive, and drove a truck ('36 Dodge 3-ton stake) as a summer job where, if you couldn't double clutch, it would be a long trip in first gear. So, I like the control of the manual but bride, who can drive manual, insisted on the auto, which means the M3 with sport shift was an easy choice (in addition to other factors).

To the point - I use the sport shift a lot on winding back roads, and for me, it is a reasonable substitute. And mileage is not much affected if you are reasonable on acceleration rate. And it wil give you opportunity to practice selecting shift rpm ranges - next car you can add the clutch!
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