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Elsewhere in this forum questions have been raised about the future data logging capabilities of this unit. I'm interested in it, and when I emailed the company here's the reply I got:

"Not yet, but we're still working on it. The interface is a unit with memory
and processing power itself. It has a cable that plugs into the unused
connector on the ScanGaugeII and another that plugs into a USB port on a
computer. They don't have to both be plugged in at the same time.

The interface will use SD Cards for data storage. You can plug it into the
ScanGauge for logging and for other upload/download tasks. It can be removed
from the vehicle and taken to a computer for data transfers.

The ScanGaugeII has all the hardware needed for the interface, but will need
an upgrade of its program to use it. The Upgrade is free when you purchase
the interface.

Price has not been finalized yet. It is expected to be under $100. This will
also include the software for a windows based computer."
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