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I just saw the 5-door today at a local dealership. Frankly, i was not overly impressed with how it looked in pictures...but i sure was happy of being proven wrong. This thing looked amazing. So much sleeker, and sexier in person.
I did not test drive it cuz they only had the showroom model accessible, the other few in the inventory was stuck in snow. So i only looked around and i would definitely buy it in a heartbeat. The build quality was amazing, inside and outside. It certainly does put on an image that it is more than an economy car. It was a perfect fit for me.
First, the exterior....i was not a big fan of how Mazda designed the back of the 5-door...i thought it looked boring and there was too much empty space. But when i saw it, the back complements the rest of the car. Maybe it was just the black color, but i don't think so. It was just right...and more so, i was impressed with its size and how it projects itself as a studly, sporty car (when i compared it to the mazdaspeed protege next to it).
The interior was just as everyone had described. Amazing finish and detail. For me, this is a big plus....Mazda sure knows what true drivers want. The steering wheel feels nice, the incorporation of tweeters...i dunno, so many things to rave about. I just liked how it was put together....and you gotta love that sweet sound the door makes when you close that's quality. It didn't feel cheap....the sound makes you think that it's solid rather than made of plastic crap like Saturn....
And apparently, i'm not the only one who likes it cuz the car is selling like hotcakes (the car in the showroom was just placed there today and the first customer bought it)....crazy.
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