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San Diego Auto-X MARCH 4th!!!!

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check out the SCCA website. it is a solo2 event. nothing can be in the trunk/car that will fly around (you can do whay most people do and dump it in the parking lot while you race!) price is $30 for the SOLO2 licence and i think its 35 buck to race (must have the solo2 but the licence is good for the year) and fun runs are only $10!!!! (you have to have the licence to get on the track)

bring a helmet (refer to scca website) or you can borrow one when you get there. hope to see you all there!
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i guess once you throw the price out there people loose interest.....

is anyone going to come out? i dont want to be the only 3 racing! i want competition for pete's sake!
So, for $35 you get a SCCA Solo2 license that's good for a year, and for $10 more you can run around the track. Is it timed or not timed? How nappy are the helmets? I priced one out and they're a couple hundred bucks.
the helmets are only as nasty as the person you borrow it from........ i dont know if they will be timing the fun runs or not. for a 30 entrance fee you can compete in your class with 3 timed runs and you can do fun runs after that. no passengers during class runs, but X runs and fun runs you can take people with. starts at 8AM. i plan to show up around 715 or so. (i have nothing better to do @ that time in the morning anyways)
who is gonna be there tomorrow?
I'll try for the afternoon, but I think the wife has stuff planned. I can't seem to get away from these bday parties.
how many friggin kids you got? (nice job MAKING the things by the way!)
Just two. But they seem to make a lot of friends.
no kidding. well, fun runs are in the afternoon.... you could probably make it out for that. or i think there is another one next month, but i am not shure. i know Hstock class is running in the afternoon, but i dont know what class the speed3 is in.....
I think the speed3 is in D-stock:

But I'm sure they'll change that with a CAI installed:

Street Touring - S
If your car is a normally aspirated sedan (four seats, four factory seatbelts, not sports-car derived) of 3.1 Liters or less, or one of a few small turbocharged cars specified in the rules, and perhaps prepared further than allowed in Stock Category, it may be eligible for one of the Street Touring Classes. Street Touring - S is an SCCA National class, but Street Touring-R is an optional Regional only class. Street Touring allows anything allowed in Stock, plus (roughly) these modifications:
Any shocks, struts, and springs, using original attachment points
Any sway bars
Any wheels up to 7.5" in width that fit over stock brakes
Tires up to and including a width of 225, with a treadwear rating of 140 or greater.
Strut bars/braces as allowed in Street Prepared.
Exhaust system downstream of catalytic converter(s)
Short throw shift kits
Spoilers, body kits, rear wings, etc.
Pedal kits and other interior cosmetic accessories
Alternate brakes pads and linings
Any fully padded and upholstered front seats with reclining seat backs
Removal of factory trim (rub strips, emblems)
Alternate steering wheels of any diameter, otherwise meeting Stock rules
Cross drilled and/or slotted brake rotors
Alternate air cleaner enclosures
No limited slip differentials except factory viscous coupler type units
Stock brake calipers/drums
Fenders may not be cut or flared (but specific modifications for tires OK)
Emission-legal headers
Emission legal modifications to Engine management system, either electronic or mehanical, but not both.
Engine and transmission must remain unmodified, including emissions equipment
See less See more
you can always do a fun run!
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