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S-plan Question.

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I'm getting my car on monday and my dad got the S-plan though his company.
I have the PIN number and stuff and i'm wondering what I do with it? haha.

He said you have to do something on the internet with it, do I?
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posted in the NNJ section but i'll post it again. go to enter the pin number. follow the directions on the website, print out your s-plan information when it tells you to and take that sheet to the dealer.
Ah thanks dude, and sorry I didnt see your post.
Youll need that pin if the dealer actually requests it. My dealer didnt even want to see my pin. The couldnt care less about it. It was funny i actually got the car for 850 under s-plan too. Print it out. Also have your dad bring a paystub to the dealer as well. They sometimes want to see that to prove the person works for so and so company.
alright thanks. my mom got a CX7 in September through S-plan, so they know we have it. I'm also dealing with the same guy so he definity knows. I entered the Pin on and it said it was invalid. My dad said that it doesnt work or something and that I just need to bring in the number to the dealer and hell do everything. Idk i just hope everything works out because its the only way I can get a Gt.
Did you get the car yet? According to my employer, you can only get 1 vehicle per year with S-Plan, unless there are different versions for different companies.
yeah i just got home with it. 300 above invoice due to them having to install a spoiler.
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