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yes normal, and slow down :lol:

+1....slow down!!!i got my liscense suspended for a year going 147 in a 45 limit zone....and had to get rid of the evo and bought my mz3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!word of advice its not worth it to speed!!!

:shock: good thing you got rid of that car before you killed someone... of course the smarter thing to do would have been to take it to the track instead so you didn't have to lose it at all ;)

lol. why? just why?

[quote author=cali_axela link=topic=142245.msg3117041#msg3117041 date=1242086786]
^ Really? Only 75mph @ 3200 in 6th? That's not much lower (if at all) than the previous-gen 5-speed turns at around that speed in 5th... weird.

but it still makes a big difference in gas mileage. the faster you can go while maintaining a lower rpm gives you better mileage.
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