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D-Link Rangebooster G Router- $30 shipped OBO

Belkin N Wireless Router- $50 shipped OBO

CyberHome personal DVD player. 7 inch screen still has plastic on it. Used once. Includes case and all accessories. $50 shipped OBO

Component Video Cables
6' Audio/video (Red, white, red, green, blue ends)- $15 shipped OBO
6' Video (Red, green, blues ends)- $12 shipped OBO
12' Audio/video (Red, white, red, green, blue)- $30 shipped OBO
12' Video (Red, green, blue)- $25 shipped OBO
The one in the middle is a composite video cable (red, white, yellow ends) and I think it's six feet, but I don't feel like taking it out unrolling it and measuring it. - $8 shipped OBO

Walther CPSport semi-automatic CO2 .177 pellet pistol. Includes pistol, five "magazines", 22 CO2 cartridges, lots of pellets, and pellet gun oil. $75 shipped OBO.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts