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Rough idle RPM dependent?

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Does anyone else feel like the engine runs rougher at certain RPMs? It seems to me that when idleing(750rpm), my car is running rougher than if I raise the RPMs just a tiny bit to 900-1000. I also get the same rough feeling at 2000rpm.
You have to expereince this while in neutral, not while driving because there is too much feeling from the road and bumps.
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Unfortunately, I have experienced this as well. Mine doesn't idle rough all the time, just occasionally. I can definitely feel a little to much shaking at 750 rpms. If if I turn my AC on, I can watch the needle go from about 770 rpms down below 750 to about 730. When it goes below that the car shakes a little and goes back up. I doubt this is normal, but I will be taking it to the dealer in about a week for other little problems and I will ask them about it. Anyone else?
Yep, I noticed it a little this morning while parking in the garage - it's a very slight shaking when at idle. I have 53K miles and am on the stock plugs/wires. Maybe I'll start by changing these out first.
Mine is too doing the same thing.
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