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Roll back Rate?

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This question is to the drivers that drives the automatic Mazda 3. How good does the 3 handle on a uphill? Such as once you come to a complete stop, and letting go of the brakes. Does the car roll back a lot very quickly or stay there for a while before slowly rolling back. I know the rate of the roll back will depend on how steep the slope is, but lets just take for an example, a moderate slope. Cause in my IS300, once I stop on a moderate hill and than releasing the brakes after one or so minutes, the car will just stay in place. No roll back at all. I'm wondering if the 3 can do that. Because in Honda, especially the civic that I drove, once I release the brakes, the car will start rolling back the instant you release the brakes.
Thanks in advance to those who could answer my question.
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can't answer your question even though I have an auto. But to stop rollback for any car, you can try stepping on the brakes with your left foot, then step on gas pedal w/ right and release brakes at moderate pace.
It rolls back on steep hills in first, but if you put it on second until you're ready to move it is still.

I don't think it's a good idea though, but whatever. The pedals are close enough to step on the brakes and hit the gas at the same time.
does the IS300 have hill assist? i know audi's do, it'll keep the car stopped on the hill (any hill) for 5-10 seconds before it lets the car roll. 3's do not have hill assist so they would roll back like any other normal automatic with a steep enough incline.
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