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Rockblocker tail-lights

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Alright, man am I having issues with this RockBlocker company...
So I after taking awhile to get my order (fog light and tail light covers for a 2006 hatch), I finally get to putting them on.
Fog lights go on no problem. I get to the tail lights and sort of measure them up, and it doesn't look like they'll cover all of the tail light.
Is that how its supposed be!?!? I thought maybe they sent me tail-light covers for the sedan, but when I asked them that, they said the tail-light covers fit both the sedan and hatch.
Can anyone provide assistance? Much appreciated.
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why would you put rockblocker on tail lights? chances a rock comes from behind is very rare....
It's smoked-fog kit or whatever its called. Not just a clear cover. So its more for appearance.
The headlight and taillight kits involve quite a bit of stretching, and even more patience. A heat gun or hair dryer will be your best friend during that install.
Uhhh boy, I don't remember seeing that in the instructions but I will check. Thanks for the advice!
You might want to find a local tint shop and have them install the overlays.

The overlays for the sedan and the hatch are absolutely different - the tail lights are not interchageable why would the overlays be?

I installed them on my sedan as well as assisted krstopher with installing them on his hatch - there was no major stretching to fit in either case.

Mine have been on for over a year with no problems so far...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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