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rim Help

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Okay, i know the best way might be to take a pic of my car and then photochop the rims on

however, is there a site i can go to that will give me my make model color and the RIMS to do it for me....

reason being is im finding rims on the net, but liike....i know it isnt always its TRUE color or look, hard to tell for a polished aluminum or "chrome" lip with a hyper black or gloss black rim

i found some from motegi but ehh still way hard to tell

anyways i have a black mica 4-dr

anyone already have pics....or a place where itll put the rims on for me or have PICTURES of more truw to life colors...

cause every where i go i get this

gloss black

gun metal

im sorry but these look WAY toooo damn close to be those two different colors

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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