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don't think I've seen it yet... :)
Yeah I think Dinu has posted every review up.
It must be somewhere in the USA, Canada or Europe threads...

And no I haven't posted EVERY review so far, just some of them:)
You mean most of Keep up the good work.
Ok fine, quite a few :)

As the car comes out C+D and all the mags will get their turn to test drive it so I'm sure we'll get more reading material soon.
Yeah and maybe I can get to a review and post it before you do. :wink:
Uh... Hate to break it to you, but I think that's impossible :) J/K
Well I guess I need to go too the store tonight and pick up some car mags. hehehe
You both have 883 posts.
dinu01 said:
It must be somewhere in the USA, Canada or Europe threads...
No wonder I couldn't find it! I searched this forum so someone wouldn't post: RE-POST! Wrong forum dude! :p
schulkw said:
You both have 883 posts.
Yeah I had to stop and go to work.
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That was an extremely flattering review. Very rairly do you see reviews that are so nice to a car. Gotta love the gas mileage on that car-26mpg city driving?!!! Wow!
Yeah thats one thing I do miss. High mileage per gallon.
The car I traded in got 30mpg and was 12 years old. Now, that WAS a reliable car.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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