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finally got some decent pics, thought id start a thread :p
TEAM *PWNstar*
Cobb Sf Intake
Cobb Turbo Inlet
Cobb Shifter Weight
Forge Black BPV
Greddy RS BOV
Weapon R ETD
TRZ Derlin MM
M3M Shifter Bushings
SU Test Pipe
Cobb Rear Sway
H&R Springs (waiting to install)
Blacked out usuals
Tape fighter badge (covers huge rock chip)
25% Tint
Painted stockers
MORE to come when i find a job :lol:

first day i had it, rainy :/ march 08

photoshoot by Saint aprill 08

photshoot by Scismic jan 09

Painted stockers- feb 09

night-feb 09

ramdom shoot-feb 09

shoot-march 09

mini shoot-may 09

shot by ant(scismic)

more to come :p

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Re: Revhigh has a MS3 thread///

Nice man, when the hell you comin' out to Cali? lol

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Re: Revhigh has a MS3 thread///

[quote author=revhigh link=topic=134780.msg2898753#msg2898753 date=1233263049]
lol holy shit whats up? soon as i make some money!! but i cant do that without a job LOL

Nothin' much, been chillin' at lot in MOCC, less drama and LOTS more meets now goin' down, its been fun.

No job? Sorry to hear man, that's goin' around everywhere, which ofcourse you know already just watchin' the fuckin' news. Shit man we got this huge Meet goin' down in Morr Bay (google it, its beautiful) with like 50+ peeps and growing on the list.
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