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Rev Limiter?

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First off I'd like to say hello to all since this is my first post. The 4500 miles in 50 days have been wonderful.

Now onto my question regarding redline... I am wondering what the true redline is and also if there's a rev limiter on the 3. The reason I ask is that today in second and the tach was in the low 7000 range with speed low 60s. It was a mistake on my part ,however would like to know if a limiter is in place and when it occurs. From searching the forum it seems the answer is 7200-7500.

Thanks for any info. :D

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I hit the rev limiter around 7200-7300rpm's once. Haven't hit since and don't want too. Redline is 6500rpm's.
Mine kicks in at 7500...95 mph in 3rd equals 7500 :twisted:
I've hit the rev limiter quite a few times, pretty much at least once ever time I autocross.
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