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The only reason to dyno a fwd car on a awd dyno that has both rollers linked is to get the most accurate numbers based on friction losses like the op said. However there is absolutely no need for this as it is not the industry standard. As for the tuning aspect, a dynojet with load control or a mustang dyno are preferred to mimic the load that would be present on the vehicle while actually driving but again that is only for tuning. While tuning a turbo tacoma on our dyno with MAPECU, we hit a completely different set of cells on the dyno then when tuning on the street because we do not have load control. Is it a huge deal? No not really but there is a difference. Dyno we use is a dynojet 224x btw.

BTW never dyno a car with trac control on as it will severely screw with your numbers and in the case of auto cars it will usually just stall.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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