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I need to open a MS3 tail light to put led light & socket I have. The LED casing is broken and I have one housing (Standard) that is fine. So basically I want to put the Led Socket in the standard housing. Did somebody did a How-to for that? I did research I didn't find anything.

Thanks for your help

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It will be lots of works to open tail light unit.
Not like headlight, they are fused together well.
I know I am not giving right answer here but.. well

I really don't recommend this tail light opening work,,it's too much work to get clean finished job. but if you really want to know, go ahead read below.

I also add note that this is for so far best result I could get to have clean finish like original condition, if you don't mind messy finish, you have other options I guess.

I can't take responsibility for anything though,,remeber DIY means all responsibilities are also yours.

For clean finish, you need to have a pair of HEALTHY tail linght units.. I cannot tell if your LED casing condition,,so if you don't have healthy unit,, this won't work.

The reason is if you want to extract lens undamaged, you need to damage housing.
If you want to keep housing undamaged, you need to break lens..

step 1

Get healthy tail light unit that you want to keep its housing.

Break lens using hammer or anything you can crack and break lens into small pieces.
Once lens are broken into pieces , you can remove left over small lens pieces from housing clean. Fused part come out fairly easily and clean this way.

step 2

Extract healthy lens from spare healthy tail light unit. Using dremel (thin cutting wheel) or heat knife. Cut out lens WITH black housing along the clear lens

step 3

Now you can remove left over black housing peice on clear lens. Remove them carefully not to
damage clear lens.

Now you got Clean housing and Clean lens from two healthy unit...reseal these two is also trouble though..

There are not much guide space to put glue along like headlight, if you put too much glue, they will drip and show ugly glue line from lens, if it's not enough, it will cause unpropeer waterproof finish..
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