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Hey guys, I have a 04' hatch and i was wondering if anyone knows where to buy a driver side rear door? My mom backed into mine with her blazer lol. I didnt want to go to a body shop and i didnt want to go to the dealership yet without asking around... possibly a salvage site? Ive been looking around but no luck lol. Thanks
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make her replace it. haha

If you can't fix it yourself, you should get a quote just to see how much it would cost you. After that, continue to look around at junk yards for same color 3s. Since you have an 04. I think up to an 07 will fit BUT I am not positive. I mean 04 would be best, but other years should work.
even if you find another door you'd still have to get it painted or at least re-cleared. The color would be off and would stand out too much
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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